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Do I report someone shouting at me or otherwise acting unprofessionally?

Maybe. Although the Whistle blowing process is not designed only for People issues, unprofessional behavior may also be unethical. Simply shouting at you or insulting you is not nice and is against KPMG Values. However, in a circumstance, it is quite possible that they are also threatening you (for example, “if you do not meet an unreasonable request, your career prospects will be damaged or even worse that you will be fired”). This is unethical behavior, but not because they are shouting or insulting but because they are threatening you.

One way to decide whether your case falls under the whistle blowing scope is to think whether the situation, if it carried on, is likely to result in harm to our people, our firm, our client and our communities.

If so, then the only right action is to report.

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Whistle Blowing Policy

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