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Do I “set up” a person if reporting about him/her? Will it hurt my career progression?

Reporting unethical behavior means it gets investigated. As reports can be made on the basis of a misunderstanding of the facts, the investigations of reports is done carefully and quietly. If the conclusion is that nothing was inappropriate, then the case is closed and no further actions are taken (in some instances, reports are closed without the person knowing an investigation had occurred). Where matters are discovered that need discussions with the individual, it is discussed with them and actions that need to be taken, will be taken. Whistle blowing a matter, therefore, is not the “setting up” of anybody.

A report must be made in good faith. This means that a report can be made if it is wrong, provided that the report was believed to be true, when made. To make a report by alleging unethical behavior that is known to be false, is itself unethical and would be treated as such.

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Whistle Blowing Policy

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