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Reporting Anonymously – Is it safe to report and how am I protected?

Reporting anonymously is an option that you have for those instances where you are not comfortable reporting in another way. The Whistle blowing channels offer you the opportunity to report without disclosing your identity.

The Whistle blowing process will be managed by the Ombudsman who oversees the investigation of any matter that is reported. This helps to protect the anonymity of those who choose to remain anonymous. If you choose to report anonymously, KPMG will not seek to identify you. While conducting investigations, it may be necessary to advise others of the substance of your report or even to contact you for further information. This should be taken into account when submitting the report. It is advised that when submitting a report, adequate and complete information is provided, when reporting anonymously.

In the event that a whistleblower believes that they are being victimized or subjected to a detriment by any person within the Firm as a result of reporting a concern or assisting the firm in any investigation under this policy they must inform the Ombudsman immediately and appropriate action will be taken to protect them from reprisals

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