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Acting with integrity is at the heart of our values and we all need to make the right decision by speaking up!!!

  • Has someone crossed the line?
  • Do you have suggestions for the Firm?
  • Are there things to be said or heard and you do not know how to let the “cat out of the bag”?
You can report or make any suggestion via the following channels:

KPMG recognises and understands that reporting a concern can be very difficult, especially where it relates to a superior or business associate. However, if what is to be reported represents the correct position of things in the honest belief of the whistleblower, there is absolutely nothing to worry about, as the firm will consider such report as a great service which enhances integrity and equity in its internal processes and protects its brand image.

Please refer to the whistle blowing policy on the right-hand link for further details.

Whistle Blowing Policy

Whistle Blowing Policy

Reporting Channels